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2023 Presidential Messages – Cherie Hunt

  • Stay Busy with SAR this Summer
    July is typically a quiet month around the Association but we are seeing the effects of the market shift with people coming and going – buying lockboxes and joining the Association. We received a grant from NAR and hosted a very educational book tour stop for Leah Rothstien’s new book “ Just Action”. It is … Read more
  • National Homeownership Month
    It looks like summer is upon us and the temperature is getting hotter by the minute.  It appears that we can expect another hot summer and it is always a good idea to have your HVAC tuned up in preparation for the coming months.  Why not call one of our Preferred Partners for this service? … Read more
  • Legislative Day 2023 Recap
    This past week, SAR participated in several activities designed to create Member awareness of our diversity and foster an environment of inclusivity.
  • April is Fair Housing Month
    As we move through the month of April, it is time to recognize that April is Fair Housing Month. It is a time to have many conversations about the true nature of Fair Housing and how we can be part of the solution every day in our businesses. First of all, we need to recognize … Read more
  • Spring is in Full Swing at SAR
    Wow, I can’t believe that March is here, and we are in full swing of the spring selling season. With the rain coming down in buckets, Sacramento is on the list of cities and counties under emergency orders, and this will affect your transactions. In addition to slowing the escrow down, it can have an … Read more
  • Spring Changes & Contributions
    Hello Spring and hello SAR. We are happy to announce that the spring selling season has just begun and we are starting to see more listings coming on as well as more sales taking place. We are still experiencing  a housing shortage and it does not look like that will be changing soon. Some areas … Read more
  • Housing Affordability Fund
    Let’s talk about Housing Affordability in California. As REALTORS® in California, we are acutely aware of the need for more housing. What is also a big issue for us all is the lack of affordable housing in our state. With so many builders unable to build as they face impediments to building basic housing that … Read more
  • C.A.R. Meeting Updates, SAR Events, and More
    Welcome back, California Association of REALTORS® Directors. I know that you have some information to share and SAR Members can attend the 2/28 Regional Meetings for the C.A.R. update from one of them. It is always the best way to stay plugged into the current affairs that are coming down the line for your business. … Read more
  • SAR Leaders attend C.A.R. Meetings
    Greetings from Indian Wells California and the California Association of REALTORS® winter meeting sessions. The weather is beautiful and the conversation is electric. The Sacramento Association of REALTORS® is well-represented here and we are all here to support the association, your business and private property rights.  We are the REALTOR® Party. On the forefront of … Read more
  • Starting Your Year Off Right: Black History Month and More…
    February’s Main Meeting was moved to 2/14 due to many of the leadership team being at the C.A.R. Winter Business Meetings in Indian Wells. We will be back on track in March. February is Black History Month. As we open the month of February, we are called to remember the place from which we come … Read more
  • It Is Time to Get Down to Business
    Now that the dust has settled from a very long week of stormy weather and installation parties for our local associations, it is time to get down to business.  We opened this week with a holiday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  As I reflect on what his life’s legacy was all about, I am grateful … Read more
  • President’s Message – Cherie Hunt
    Saying good-bye to a legend and looking forward to an interesting year.  It is a New Year here at SAR and I am looking forward to the year ahead with excitement.  While filling President Erin Stumpf’s shoes will be nearly impossible, I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get it done.   You … Read more

2022 Presidential Messages – Erin Stumpf

  • My Final President’s Message!
    On December 15th, I chaired my final Board of Directors meeting as President of the Sacramento Association of REALTORS®, and while it is a little bittersweet — I feel like this is more the beginning than the end. In 2022 our Board of Directors laid the foundation for some amazing things to come that I … Read more
  • We Are Thankful for All of Our SAR Staff!
    For each month in 2022, our extended leadership team has taken a survey to provide feedback on a variety of association functions. In November we asked all of our committee Chairs, Vice Chairs, and our Board of Directors — what at SAR are you thankful for? One of the most commonly given answers: SAR Staff.  … Read more
  • Overcoming Bias in Real Estate
    In our profession, where it is the law to treat everyone fairly, it is so important to be aware of our implicit biases. According to the National Institutes of Health, “implicit bias” is a form of bias that occurs automatically and unintentionally, that nevertheless affects judgments, decisions, and behaviors.” Generally, we all have implicit biases. The … Read more
  • Congratulations to SAR’s YPN 2022 Chapter of the Year
    Our very own SAR YPN won the 2022 State Young Professionals Network Chapter of the Year! There are around one hundred local associations in California, and many YPN chapters. This is a HUGE honor. Please be sure to congratulate our 2022 SAR YPN Committee Chair Raj Singh and Vice Chair Indika Fonseka, as well as … Read more
  • Your Vote Matters
    Last week, SAR published its Local Candidate General Election Voter Guide to provide you with the list of SAR-endorsed candidates that have demonstrated they are REALTOR® Champions. This means their policy goals align with the attitudes, values and beliefs of the association. SAR supports candidates who favor things such as housing creation, private property rights, … Read more
  • C.A.R. Board of Directors Meetings
    Last week, the California Association of REALTORS® convened its fall committee and Board of Directors meetings. SAR is well represented at these meetings, sending 22 of our members to represent the association. Lemme tell you, this is no vacation. Although we were in beautiful Long Beach, most of our time was spent in windowless rooms … Read more
  • SAR Dues Payment Plan
    Dear SAR REALTOR® Members, Did you know that SAR offers REALTOR® members an annual dues payment plan? For the last decade or so, we have offered our members the option to spread their dues payment over 6 months instead of paying a lump sum all at once. In November, when SAR sends out the annual … Read more
  • Empower Yourself to Meet Your Clients’ Needs
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, Back in June, we saw an abrupt increase in mortgage interest rates in response to financial market volatility that occurred as a result of higher than anticipated inflation numbers. This last week, we also saw an abrupt increase in mortgage interest rates, again thanks to financial market volatility after high … Read more
  • 2022 Member Survey
    What’s changed since 2016? According to MetroList® MLS Statistics, the Sacramento County median home price was $318,500 in September 2016. The Sacramento Kings played their last game at the old Arco Arena in 2016. Kevin Johnson served his final year as City of Sacramento Mayor in 2016. I could go on, and think it is … Read more
  • REALTOR® Safety Month
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, September is REALTOR® Safety Month. A few months ago, I was doing a virtual showing via Facetime with one of my out-of-town buyer clients at a single family home. I opened the lockbox, entered the home and locked the door behind me, quickly looked around the house, and then called … Read more
  • Checking Ourselves
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, I am proud to let you all know that at our most recent SAR Board of Directors meeting in August, the board approved some significant modifications to the qualifying criteria to serve on the SAR Board of Directors in the future. In the spirit of “Building Our Bench” (my theme … Read more
  • Looking Towards the Future
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, Can you believe the end of August is upon us? While we still have four months left in 2022, your association leadership is aiming for a strong finish to the year, is very much engaged in planning for 2023.
  • Electrification and the Future
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, Local cities and counties in our region are implementing policies to shift from use of natural gas in residential homes to going ALL-ELECTRIC. “Electrification!” You have probably heard this word thrown around a lot lately — but what does it really mean as it relates to our profession and our … Read more
  • Photofy – An NAR Member Benefit
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, I am connected to many REALTOR® colleagues on various social media channels, and my feeds are full of real estate-related content. A really neat, FREE, and totally underutilized member benefit available from NAR is use of personalized social media content using the Photofy App. Photofy provides access to personalized templates … Read more
  • August Main Meeting – A Triple Threat!
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, Our upcoming main membership meeting on Tuesday, August 2nd at 9am is indeed the TRIPLE THREAT! This is one meeting you do not want to miss. First, as our new SAR CEO Jessica Coates starts this coming week our main meeting will be many of our members’ first opportunity to … Read more
  • Get an Inside Look at Committees
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members,Do you ever wonder what SAR does to serve our members and the community? Ever thought about getting involved but you were not sure where to start? For the month of August, seven SAR committees are opening the doors to you! This is a great opportunity to dip your toes in … Read more
  • 2022 Theme, Priorities, and Strategies: A Mid-Year Update
    At the beginning of the year our SAR leadership team outlined several priorities for 2022, and if you read my very first President’s Message of 2022 I alluded to several strategies and goals we hoped to accomplish this year. A few weeks ago during our annual Past President’s luncheon I provided a mid-year update as … Read more
  • Welcome to the Team!
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, As many of you know, last year SAR’s long-time Chief Executive Officer Dave Tanner announced his retirement, set for this summer. After conducting a nationwide executive search with the assistance of consultant Leonard Pfeiffer & Co, I am so excited to share with you that SAR has hired a new … Read more
  • Forms Galore
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, Forms, forms, forms! You may have noticed logging into your ZipForm account that as of this week C.A.R. has released several new and updated forms. Probably one of the most notable new forms is the Fair Appraisal Act Addendum, aka form FAAA. Form FAAA was born from Assembly Bill 948 … Read more
  • A Mortgage Interest Rate Update
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: while mortgage interest rates have been on a steady, upward trajectory all of this first half of 2022, you have probably noticed that there was a rather abrupt increase in interest rates late last week to early this week. To support our … Read more
  • A Great Weekend of Collaboration
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, This past Saturday, the Sacramento Association of REALTORS® partnered with the Sacramento chapter of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) to renovate a Rancho Cordova home with the organization Rebuilding Together. I’ll talk about the project in a minute, but first I want to address how wonderful it … Read more
  • HouseKeys – SAR’s Real Estate Podcast
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, I love podcasts and listen to them frequently while I am driving, working-out, or folding laundry — and if you have not yet discovered SAR’s podcast you are really missing out. SAR’s podcast “HouseKeys” debuted last year, and is currently hosted by SAR 2022 Affiliate Chair, Cam Villa, and SAR’s … Read more
  • Get Connected to SAR, C.A.R., and NAR
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, I imagine many of you by now have subscribed to SAR’s text message alerts, as our Weekly Docket email for the last several weeks has included a blurb encouraging our members to register for them. Did you know you may also opt into receiving text alerts from C.A.R. and NAR? … Read more
  • Participate in the California Primary Elections
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, By now all registered voters should have received a vote-by-mail ballot to participate in the June 7th California Primary Election. If you haven’t received your ballot please contact your County Elections office, Sacramento County or Yolo County. As REALTORS®, we are all part of the REALTOR® Party. A powerful alliance … Read more
  • Did You Miss Our May Main Meeting?
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, For those of you who were unable to attend our Main Membership meeting on Tuesday, May 3rd, you are in luck because SAR recorded the presentation and it is available for you to view online here. We had an absolutely phenomenal speaker, Shanta Patton-Golar who is a REALTOR and Realtist … Read more
  • Giving Back to Our Community
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, No one has ever become poor by giving,” is a quote by Anne Frank that often comes to mind when I think about all of our amazing volunteers who give their time and resources to better our profession and to better our greater Sacramento community. I think many of our … Read more
  • Don’t Miss Legislative Day 2022
    Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members, Please do not miss your opportunity to attend C.A.R. Legislative Day! Registration is open NOW but closes soon – please be sure to register by Monday, April 18th, 2022 at 4:30pm. Legislative Day is taking place at the Sacramento Convention Center on Wednesday, April 27th from 9am-11am. You will not … Read more
  • Regional Meetings – Formerly Known as Caravans
    Dear SAR REALTOR® and Affiliate Members, Often when I mention SAR’s Regional Meetings, my colleagues have no idea what I’m even talking about. It seems that our weekly regional meetings are one of the best kept secrets of the association. I love the Regional Meetings because they allow SAR to engage at a micro-level. We … Read more
  • SAR Scholarship Fund – A Year Round Endeavor
    Dear Members, March 31, 2022 is the deadline for students to submit applications for an SAR Scholarship, but did you know the SAR Scholarship Trustees, Scholarship Fundraising Committee, and SAR staff work tirelessly on the Scholarship program year-round? Fun fact: our SAR Scholarship program provides more than double the scholarship funds to local students than … Read more
  • Have You Hugged Your Affiliate Today?
    Dear Members, Have you hugged your Affiliate today? As of February 2022, SAR had 205 individual Affiliate members spanning numerous related professions — loan officers, title and escrow, home warranty, insurance, home inspectors, contractors, appraisers, photographers, stagers, pest control…the list goes on and on. Affiliate members pay dues to SAR, and add immeasurable value to … Read more
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