C.A.R. Meeting Updates, SAR Events, and More

Welcome back, California Association of REALTORS® Directors. I know that you have some information to share and SAR Members can attend the 2/28 Regional Meetings for the C.A.R. update from one of them. It is always the best way to stay plugged into the current affairs that are coming down the line for your business.

SAR CanTree is having their Western-themed CrabFest this Saturday (2/18). It’s always a blast and there are still a few tickets left if you forgot to buy some. You can also contact Breeze Singh breeze@realtorbreeze.com or the SAR Events Department for more information.

Another cool event happening next week on is the Fall in Love with SAR event put on by the Leadership Academy. It takes place here at SAR on Thursday, 2/23 from 4:30 – 7:30pm. It’s a great way to learn how you can fit in at SAR and volunteer. This event offers growth potential for your career to blossom by learning what being a REALTOR® is all about and how the Association is your partner in the business. In addition to the networking, there will also be live music, drinks, and appetizers. Register today!

Speaking of staying plugged in, the Sacramento Association of REALTORS® will be doing something new this year on Legislative Day for our Members. We are having a gathering immediately after the Legislative Meeting to talk about how all parts of SAR/C.A.R./NAR work to empower the REALTOR® community and protect Private Property Rights. This is a critical time for us as we are facing a substantial amount of policy that can affect your business and property owners. As REALTORS®, we need to be able to be at the table early in the discussion to make it clear that some policy sounds good as a sound bite but has greater reaching repercussions that may be unintended. This is what the REALTOR® Party is all about. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are the REALTOR® Party. Come find out more about it and see where you fit in the conversation with local and state politics. Save the Date for March 3rd. We are also having a Riding with the Brand Block party that week as well. It will be something you do not want to miss. Oh, by the way, if you have not done so, you can still make your REALTOR® Action Fund contribution here. You can also reach out to SAR Government Affairs Director Erin Teague for more information.

SAR Education has some interesting classes coming up that everyone can use. The “Essential Disclosures & How to Read a Preliminary Report” class is on 2/27. If you always wanted to learn how to read a preliminary title report, a necessary skill by the way, here is your chance. Here is the link to sign up.

It is always good to take advantage of this class as it is an absolute must to understand the preliminary title report and the disclosures you come across in the transaction. It’s even good for us long time REALTORS® as forms have changed and prelims are always full of info that is pertinent to understanding what you are selling.

Interest rates are up and down and up again, so work in partnership with your lenders to make sure you know how high is too high for your buyers – both in price and rate – as this fluctuates almost daily. By being so in tune with your client’s purchase profile, you will serve them better and show your professionalism.

I think this is a wrap until next week. See you at SAR…

Cherie Hunt
2023 SAR President

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