2023 President’s Year End Message

As 2023 comes to a close, we take the time to reflect on how much we have accomplished in the year as well as look at what is needed in the future. Our awesome CEO Jessica Coates spent her 1st full year with the association evaluating the operations and planning for the future. There have been some shifts and changes with staff to align operations with a changing market and new Strategic Plan for 2024-2026.

This year has been marked by change both economically in our personal businesses and in our community. As SAR settled into the year, we had many changes and policies that shifted to meet what our members were asking for. It was challenging at times, but we achieved our goal of transparency and inclusion by solidifying “Our Clear Path” for our volunteer leaders and those who are just starting on their journey. It is no longer a place for the select few but for all of our members seeking to grow their leadership skills and their business influence. No experience is necessary to learn how to be a community leader and influencer. We help you grow those skills here.  If you desire to be involved and pick up a few skills, you only need apply for a committee. Go to Sacrealtor.org for our new volunteer landing page to see what is available to you.  While the committee appointments have been made for next year, there can be some room for more people who missed the window. Contact the Staff Liaison of a committee to get more information. It is worth your time. 

We have refocused our energies on the REALTOR® Action Fund as it is what allows us to fight bad policies locally, statewide, and nationally. When you are asked to contribute, think about what you love about the business and what it would be like to be treated like an employee instead of an entrepreneur. Then think about all the homeowners that may be forced to do upgrades to their home that they do not have the funds for. Also consider the people reaching for their piece of the American dream that will never be able to get there if policies shift to make it even more expensive to buy and own a home. That is what the REALTOR® Action Fund uses the money to fight for. If you don’t contribute when you pay your dues, you can always donate during the year and even make a payment plan for it. 

Our Preferred Partners now have a great way to invest in our association by choosing to pay in advance each year for a sponsorship package and then just show up for their chosen events. This makes it a lot easier to plan their finances and still support us. 

As for the fun things, our YPN is once again an award winner for their social media and continues to put on some well attended events as well as collaborate with other organizations. We had ‘Ques for A Cause Event that was a collaboration between the CanTree Committee and Charitable Foundation. YPN had their Around the World Gala that was a collaboration between YPN and our DEIFH Committee.  Highlighting the diverse cultures of our members and the common thread we share made this event super successful. The Masters Club had a few events this year including the popular Golf Tournament. The success of these events allowed them to give several thousand dollars to charity.    

As for my year as President, I can say that it was my honor to serve you and lead the association through some of the necessary changes while charting the course for our collective future and take the association to the next level.   

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