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When you join SAR, you become a member of the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). Each organization is committed to bringing you the tools and information you need to succeed.
Take a moment to view the following member benefits and you’ll quickly discover why joining SAR is essential to your success.To apply for SAR membership, please submit the following documentation:

  • Payment for the appropriate dues amount

Completed, signed applications can be faxed to 916–649–2520, emailed to, hand–delivered or mailed to SAR at 2003 Howe Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825.

Real estate transactions require the cooperation and coordination of many professionals, including REALTORS® who represent the buyers and sellers, and Preferred Partner who facilitate the process. The best REALTOR®– Preferred Partnerships are based on mutual respect, open communication, and an understanding of one another’s role. Becoming a Preferred Partner is an excellent first step in forming prosperous partnerships for a successful real estate career. Any individual or company engaged in a business related to the real estate profession, or serving the professional or educational needs of real estate practitioners, may apply for Preferred Partner membership.

Individual membership is for one person, is non-transferable and belongs to the Member, regardless of who pays for the Membership.

Company Membership includes one Primary Membership and up to four Secondary Membership. The Primary Member, who is responsible for appointing Secondary Members to represent the Company and notify SAR of any changes in membership or contact information, should be listed in the Contact Information. There is an additional dues charge for each Secondary Member above the first four.

Who is Not Eligible?

If you or any member of your company hold an active real estate broker’s license issued by the State of California, and if such license is used in business for anything other than actions incidental to your business’ main purpose, you or your company are ineligible for an Preferred Partner membership.

Individual Preferred Partner

  • Individual and Company Recognition – Your name, company and contact information are listed in SAR’s online membership roster. This enables SAR REALTOR® Members and general website visitors to locate you quickly.
  • Receive SAR updates – You will receive SAR correspondence (e.g. monthly newsletter, weekly email messages and mailings) at your preferred location & work or home
  • Participate in SAR Events – As an official member, you will receive personal invitations to events like the SAR President’s Installation and Masters Club Luncheon and may attend all SAR meetings
  • Receive member discounts – Take advantage of SAR member rates, available in our Retail Center and at SAR classes
  • Group health benefits – You are entitled to discounted rates on group insurance programs (medical, dental, vision, accidental death and dismemberment)
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