About Us

Our Mission
To support members’ success while enhancing communities and advocating for private property rights.
Our Vision

We agree to lead and serve the Greater Sacramento region as an indispensable partner and preeminent resource for the real estate industry.
Sacramento Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors

SAR was founded in 1908 as the Sacramento Realty Board with about 50 original Members. In 1912, the group reorganized and changed their name to the Real Estate Agents Association of Sacramento.

On April 15th, 1918 the Sacramento Real Estate Board (another name change!) was elected to membership of the National Association of Real Estate Boards and Members were able to use the term REALTOR® for the first time.

The term REALTOR® was first used to designate Members of the Minneapolis Board and in 1916 the rights to use the term were given to the National Association. Real Estate agents who were Members now used the REALTOR® moniker to promote their professionalism and adherence to a Code of Ethics, which had been adopted in 1913.

NAR total membership in 1918 (when SAR joined) was 149 local and state Associations representing 1,646 REALTOR® Members. By 1935, SAR had 210 REALTOR® Members; C.A.R. Membership was 2,544; and NAR had 425 local and state Associations representing 10,513 REALTOR® Members. Today, SAR proudly serves over 8,200 REALTOR® Members and NAR boasts a Membership of over 1,559,000.

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