Spring Changes & Contributions

Hello Spring and hello SAR. We are happy to announce that the spring selling season has just begun and we are starting to see more listings coming on as well as more sales taking place. We are still experiencing  a housing shortage and it does not look like that will be changing soon. Some areas are starting to see multiple offers as well, so get your buyers ready.

The Main Meeting this month is on 3/7/23 at 9am and our guest speaker is Gov Hutchinson giving us a legal update on what is happening out there. You definitely don’t want to miss this.

Some of you may know that C.A.R. had their winter meetings in February and one thing that came out of those meetings as a standout is a Statewide Closing Cost Grant program courtesy of the Housing Affordability Fund. One more way to bridge the gap on funds. The ever popular Homeowners Association Grant exhausted its funds last year but may be coming back to assist as well.

Now, let’s chat about the REALTOR® Action Fund and how it plays at SAR. Most of you are aware that a portion of your dues billing can voluntarily be given to the REALTOR® Action Fund. What is it- you ask? It is a fund that you may opt into to be part of the REALTOR® Party. No not that kind of party; the political action group known as the REALTOR® PARTY!  Our industry is always under fire by various groups who want to change how and what we do in our businesses. The REALTOR® Party fights those battles locally, statewide and in D.C. It helps us fight for private property rights as well. This is what we ask you to contribute to every year when you pay your dues. In case you did not know, you can pay the REALTOR® Action Fund dues separately and you can even make a payment plan to do so. Make a contribution now! Every dollar helps so even $20.00 would be great.

Part of being a REALTOR® and staying up to date on what is happening in the business is to attend Legislative Day at the Capital.  This year we are having a multiple events for Legislative Day during our Spring C.A.R. Meetings (Yes, you are invited to those too). You definitely don’t want to miss out on the festivities as we will be having a Block Party on May 2nd  called Riding With The Brand and then Legislative Day in the morning of May 3rd followed by a lunch at Flat Stick Pub for those interested in learning more about SAR’s and C.A.R.’s legislative efforts and how you can play a valuable role in the advocacy space. After that, for those who are Silver Bear level or higher in your REALTOR® Action Fund contributions ($449) you are invited to join fellow members from across the state at the Capitol Reception. All of this makes for a few days of fun, networking and seeing how you can be part of the conversation on all things Real Estate in California. What a fun way to become a local expert! You will need to register to attend the events so watch out for the links in the next few weeks to sign up.

I hope to see all of you there!

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