We Are Thankful for All of Our SAR Staff!

For each month in 2022, our extended leadership team has taken a survey to provide feedback on a variety of association functions. In November we asked all of our committee Chairs, Vice Chairs, and our Board of Directors — what at SAR are you thankful for?

One of the most commonly given answers: SAR Staff. 

While we have a lot of enthusiastic volunteers that work to set the strategic direction of the association, we have 27 professional staff members who operationalize the mission and vision of the members. They are the ones getting in there showing up early and staying late, and doing the hard work to make events, classes, store operations, communications, community involvement, and pretty much EVERYTHING happen.

Been to a class or an event at SAR in the Mack Powell Events Center? While our members probably came up with the idea for the class or event, it was SAR staff who negotiated with and booked the instructor or entertainment, ordered the food and beverage, set up all the tables, chairs and linens, sold the tickets, greeted you at the door, and facilitated clean-up after, and sent you a follow-up survey. And if that class was livestreamed or recorded, yep, staff set up and monitored the technology to make that happen too.

Bought some REALTOR swag at the SAR store? Staff made sure to be on the lookout for items that our members want and need, ordered and stocked the items, made sure inventory was current in the online store, tracked the SKUs, and greeted you in the store with a smile.
Even reading this eblast…staff assembled relevant content, designed the graphics, patiently waited for me to write my Docket message and send it to them at the last minute, and queued up the email to go out to our 8500+ members.

We also have numerous administrative staff that do executive work, grievance and ethics management, community outreach, accounting, human resources, membership services, advocacy, and technology.

The next time you happen to be in the building or call in with a question or concern — please be sure to thank our staff for all their hard work. They do not hear our gratitude enough, and they are the ones that keep the wheels moving at our association. We absolutely could not function without them.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

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