SAR Regional Meetings

Regional Meetings – Formerly Known as Caravans

Dear SAR REALTOR® and Affiliate Members,

Often when I mention SAR’s Regional Meetings, my colleagues have no idea what I’m even talking about. It seems that our weekly regional meetings are one of the best kept secrets of the association. I love the Regional Meetings because they allow SAR to engage at a micro-level. We always discuss “location location location” and these meetings allow the association to literally meet our members where they live and work.

Regional Meetings – also sometimes referred to as Caravans – are held each Tuesday, with the exception of the 1st Tuesday of the month when we have our main membership meeting. The Regional Meetings are designed to help you get to know members and listings in areas close to you. There are currently 5 different Regional Meetings: Arden/Carmichael, Downtown/Midtown (which ironically meets in Curtis Park), Elk Grove, Folsom, and Northeast (meets in Orangevale). Regional Meetings provide weekly opportunities to meet and network with your fellow REALTORS® and Affiliate Members, pitch your listings and learn about upcoming listings, listen to industry–relevant speakers present on a variety of topics, learn about upcoming association issues and activities, and more.

Each Regional Meeting has a coordinator and small team that helps to organize the listing tour (aka caravan) plan the content, schedule speakers, orchestrate logistics, and —best of all — get sponsors for things like coffee or donuts (I mean really who doesn’t love a free donut!).

Our hard-working REALTOR and Affiliate volunteer coordinators are:
Arden/Carmichael: Chris Clark and Izzy Delancey
Downtown/Midtown: Elise Brown
Elk Grove: April Cooke
Folsom: Margaret Melville
Northeast: Nan Danford and Tom Digiacomo

I encourage you all to pick a region (or regions!) that fit where you live and work and to attend. I love the camaraderie with my fellow colleagues, sharing of information, industry scoop, pitching/touring of listings, and the abundance of chocolate donuts I find there. I look forward to every Tuesday morning.


2022 SAR President
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