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Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members,

By now all registered voters should have received a vote-by-mail ballot to participate in the June 7th California Primary Election. If you haven’t received your ballot please contact your County Elections office, Sacramento County or Yolo County.

As REALTORS®, we are all part of the REALTOR® Party. A powerful alliance of REALTORS® and REALTOR® Associations working to advance public policies and candidates that build strong communities, protect property interests, and promote a vibrant business environment. As part of the REALTOR® Party, the Sacramento Association of REALTORS® (SAR) has engaged with the candidates running for local office through the Local Candidate Recommendation Committee (LCRC) to interview and identify the candidates that if elected with be REALTOR® Champions and are committed to working with our Association on policy solutions.

Next week SAR will release a voter guide to provide you with the list of SAR endorsed candidates that have proven to be REALTOR® Champions if elected. This means their policy goals align with the attitudes, values and beliefs of the association. SAR supports candidates who favor things such as housing creation, private property rights, and a business-friendly environment for REALTORS® to operate.

Your vote in these elections is extremely important because it is your primary opportunity to express your voice about who you want in office representing your interests, and it is a chance to stand up for the issues you care about. You may be thinking “this election is a primary so the real opportunity to vote is in November” — let me tell you that if a local candidate on the primary ballot receives more than 50% of the vote, then that candidate wins with no runoff election in November. This election matters.

If you ever think that just one vote in a sea of thousands cannot make much of a difference, consider that there have been some VERY close local election races in the last few years. Your vote absolutely DOES matter.

If you are not registered to vote, you still have time to register and participate in the upcoming election! You may register up until May 23rd to vote. If you were a registered voter and have recently moved, or changed your name, or if you would like to change your party affiliation you will likely need to re-register. You may register online at Online Voter Registration | California Secretary of State. You may also register by mailing a completed Voter Registration Form to the County of Sacramento Voter Registration and Elections Department. Forms are available in person at public libraries, city and county offices, California Department of Motor Vehicles offices and at U.S. Post Offices. You may also call the Sacramento County Elections office at (916) 875-6451 and they will mail a form to you within one business day.

Want to ensure your vote has been received and counted? Sign up for ballot tracking and you will receive notifications as your ballot makes it way through the process. Register for ballot tracking here: State of California (

So please vote and be on the lookout for the voter guide!

2022 SAR President
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