A Great Weekend of Collaboration

Dear SAR REALTOR®and Affiliate Members,

This past Saturday, the Sacramento Association of REALTORS® partnered with the Sacramento chapter of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) to renovate a Rancho Cordova home with the organization Rebuilding Together. I’ll talk about the project in a minute, but first I want to address how wonderful it is for SAR and our “sibling organization” AREAA to collaborate.

One of our association priorities this year is to collaborate more with our sibling organizations. In addition to AREAA, we have vibrant local chapters of organizations such as the Realtists, the National Hispanic Organization of Real Estate Associates (NHORA), and Women’s Council of REALTORS (WCR). These organizations do amazing work in our community and often work in parallel to the efforts of SAR. Last month, the leadership of SAR met with the leadership of these organizations to brainstorm ways we can collaborate. This is not to take away from the individual efforts of any organization, because all each organization has something special and unique to offer it’s members. But I marvel at the things we could accomplish together if we can find ways to create something truly synergistic between our organizations.

Hopefully you have noticed that our sibling organizations have had information tables at our main monthly meeting? Please pop in early, before our 9am start time, to our next main meeting on August 2nd and check out our sibling organizations. While we are still ironing out many of the details, and it’s our hope that our members will notice more information sharing, collaboration, and joint efforts from our organizations in the future.

Now, returning to the project house that AREAA and SAR worked together to renovate this weekend: what an amazing experience. In a matter of hours a few dozen volunteers transformed the exterior of a fairly dilapidated Rancho Cordova home into something adorable. We worked hard, and had a lot of fun too. I can’t emphasize enough how enjoyable it is to spend time with our colleagues outside of our transactions together. Huge shout out to the “house captains” Danny Kwon and Jonathan Lee, who are each members of both SAR and of AREAA, who coordinated the effort! And to all of the amazing, hard working volunteers that day — thank you for giving so much of yourselves. I know those homeowners (who worked along side us, by the way) were truly grateful for our help. And I’m truly grateful to our collective membership who strive everyday to make our region a better place.


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