Building Our Bench with the Leadership Academy

Dear Members,

Have you ever wondered what our association does? Like really? SAR does a lot more than sell lockboxes and REALTOR-branded swag. SAR constantly works behind the scenes on your behalf to help you thrive in your businesses. Want to unlock the mystery and have a little fun too? I’d strongly encourage you to apply to participate in the 2022 SAR Leadership Academy. Its open to both REALTORS and Affiliates. Here is a link to the application and more information.

We have two dynamic, long-time association leaders guiding the program this year: the chair is Luis Sumpter and vice chair is Rosanna Garcia. I can assure you that they’ll inspire you to learn things you probably never knew you were interested in. The program will help you develop your leadership skills, collaborate and connect with your colleagues, and introduce you to all of what our local, state, and national associations do to help you with your business.

I completed the very first SAR Leadership Academy back in 2008 and it was truly a life-changing experience for me. I formed some of my most treasured relationships, discovered new interests in things I never thought I’d be passionate about, and it made me a better REALTOR. I strongly recommend it!


Erin Stumpf
2022 President
call/text 916-342-1372

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