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Dear members,

Did you know that our local, state, and national associations advocate on our behalf every day? Did you know that in any given state of California legislative session there are literally hundreds of bills that have an effect in one way or another on housing, land use, private property rights, real property transfer, property taxation, and more? The first exposure I had to what exactly our state association does to advocate on our behalf came when I attended C.A.R.’s Legislative Day many years ago. It has become my absolute favorite annual event. And this year, we get to have TWO of them! One virtual in early March, and one in person in late-April.

Registration is now available for C.A.R.’s Virtual Legislative Day on March 2nd. From the comfort of your own home office you can learn all about our state association’s legislative efforts — both offensive and defensive. There are some outrageous legislative proposals that do not see the light of day thanks to our team of lobbyists here in Sacramento working on our behalf. For example, did you know there have been numerous recent attempts to get rid of the mortgage interest deduction? C.A.R. has successfully defended this important tax benefit for homeownership.

I strongly encourage you to check it out. The first time I attended was extremely eye-opening. Most of us go about doing our business, blissfully unaware of how hard our associations advocate on our behalf, and attending Virtual Legislative Day is a great way to learn more about what our associations do.

Erin Stumpf
2022 President
call/text 916-342-1372

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