Sign Ordinances

Dear members,

As we approach a season that, with any luck, involves an increase in the number of homes for sale it is worth reminding our members about proper Open House sign placement. While our local cities and counties all have their own slightly different sign ordinances, they all have a few things in common: Open House signs are absolutely NOT allowed in bike lanes, on sidewalks and in gutters. You may not block the public right-of-way.

Did you know that some cities ban use of open house signs? Did you know that some cities require agents to pay an annual sign registration fee for each sign and prove that registration is current with a registration sticker like the DMV does on a vehicle license plate?

We are very fortunate in Sacramento that our government affairs staff and volunteers have successfully defended our members from those sorts of restrictive sign mandates. It is imperative that we follow the local ordinances set forth by our cities and counties and get owner permission to place open house signs on private property. Here is a link to our local sign ordinances, and a video that Alyssa Lozano and I recorded nearly 6 years ago on this topic.

Erin Stumpf
2022 President
call/text 916-342-1372

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