Red Alert: Oppose Item 5 and Item 7

Attend City Hall on Tuesday, August 15th at 11:00 AM

We need elected officials to hear directly from you on how this will impact housing and home ownership in the City of Sacramento. Mark your calendars and show up to have your voices heard.


EXTREME Housing Proposals are going before the Law and Legislation Committee on Tuesday, August 15th, and elected officials need to hear directly from you on how these proposals will negatively impact housing and home ownership in the City of Sacramento.

The Sacramento housing industry depends on you!

Take 5 minutes to help: Use our sample letter and email local elected officials so they know how these policies will negatively impact YOUR business and housing.

Join us to fight these radical proposals: Come to City Hall on Tuesday, August 15th at 11 AM and make a public comment – tell your stories and make clear why these policies are not conducive to providing housing to your clients.

Please share this information with a colleague: Our voices have strength in numbers.

Two Agenda Items That Put Housing Under Attack

Item #5: See the proposal for a Tenant Anti-Harassment Ordinance here. 
California state law already has powerful protections that make it illegal to harass a tenant. This proposal would create a private right of action, which creates an enormous liability for housing providers. “Mom & Pop” housing providers in Sacramento are usually the ones that offer single-family rentals that provide housing for families. Without them, families will be forced into smaller, less ideal housing accommodations.

Item #7: See the proposal for more rental regulations and Tenant & Community Opportunity to Purchase here.  

Why this policy proposal hurts housing and homeownership in Sacramento:

  • “Sacramento Opportunity to Purchase Act” would require any tenant-occupied building listed for sale to be sold to a tenant or eligible community group if they can meet the initial listing price.
  • This is an extremely flawed policy that creates delays and, significantly interferes in the market, home values, and impact a property owner’s time-sensitive decision to sell based on personal costs related to education, health care, and major personal expenses.
  • Tenant and Community Opportunity to Purchase policies require the city to create a costly administrative process.
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