Keep the Pressure on to Oppose Extreme Housing

City of Sacramento Law & Legislation Committee Update:

The committee heard your voices, and it made an impact. But now we must keep the pressure on. For both Items #5 & #7, the committee moved to a stakeholder process instead of a vote to move these ideas forward. There was a consensus that more information is needed to understand the long-term impacts on local housing.

Without each and every one of you, these items very easily could have moved forward. While we did not stop them, they can move forward with our input. Thank you to everyone who sent letters, made phone calls, and attended the City Council Law & Legislation Committee meeting yesterday to oppose extreme housing proposals.

A very big thank you to our Members and Preferred Partners who took the time out of their busy schedules to attend the meeting and show our strength in numbers: Barb Lebrecht, Doug Covill, Eva Garcia, Rosanna Garcia, Franco Garcia, Jeff Slodowitz, Erin Stumpf, Amber Steadman, Karen Berkowitz, Jerry Hernandez, Savannah Hurst, Uriel Jauregui, and anyone else that might snuck in without being seen.

Your contributions are the bedrock of our continued advocacy. As we proceed, let’s remain united and ensure that our voice remains influential and impactful.

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