December 2023

Episode 42: Heather Downey

In this episode of the HouseKeys Podcast, Heather Downey shares her journey as a realtor and delves into her personal experiences that shaped her perspective. She emphasizes the importance of empathy, honesty, and balancing work and personal life. Throughout the conversation, Heather provides insights into the real estate industry, challenges faced, and her aspirations for

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Episode 41: Yuri Ramirez-Villanueva

In this episode, host Cam Villa interviews Yuri Ramirez-Villanueva, a seasoned realtor and board member at the Sacramento Association of REALTORS®. Yuri shares her 20-year journey in real estate, emphasizing the rewards and misconceptions in the industry. She discusses the importance of work-life balance, volunteering, and the behind-the-scenes coordination in real estate transactions. Join us

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2023 California Legislative Wins

The California Association of REALTORS® Government Affairs team empowered by our 220,000+ members successfully advocated for homeownership opportunities and stopped increases in taxes, housing costs, and burdensome policies that would have negatively impacted our members and harmed accessibility of housing in our state. We stand vigilant and committed as more work is ahead in 2024.

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CTA on Vacancy Tax Proposal and MIHO

Important Proposals that Impact Housing Need Your Voice! This Tuesday, December 5th, there will be two proposals that will have important housing implications. Please make sure to have your voice heard. 11 AM Law & Legislation Committee – Item #3 Vacancy Tax Proposal 5 PM City Council – Item #15 Mixed Income Housing Ordinance –

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