The Sacramento Association of REALTORS® Benefit Plans are having a Special Open Enrollment in 2024.

In case you missed open enrollment in the fall, and you find yourself without health, dental and vision insurance, the Sacramento Association of REALTORS® plans have a special open enrollment this year.

If you would like the flexibility of multiple plan offerings with extremely competitive rates, look no further than the ‘Guaranteed Issue’ medical plans offered through Sacramento Association of REALTORS®; ‘Guaranteed Issue’ means that no one can be denied insurance because there is no medical underwriting. In the month of May 2024, you will be able to enroll with the flexibility of choices – Kaiser and Western Health Advantage, HMO, and HSA plans. If you are currently a member of the Sacramento Association of REALTORS® new or existing and have not taken advantage of the opportunity to enroll in one of these plans, now is the time to do it. The plan will become effective June 1, 2024.

The Association offers two Cypress dental plans and two Delta Dental plans, allowing members a choice. The low option plans keep a member’s out-of-pocket costs to a minimum with co-pays for some procedures. The high option plans allow the member to go to any dentist whether in or out- of-network.

Vision Service Plan administers the vision plan offered by the Association. For very little premium, you can get frames, lenses, contacts, and vision exams covered with a small co-pay.

Our billing administrator, American River Benefit Administrators, continues to accept automatic withdrawals directly from your checking account. The USI staff will be available to answer any of your questions concerning open enrollment month. Please contact Kirstin at 916-883-0708 or You can also review our plan options at

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