SAR Response to Kidnapping of Individual Showing Home in Elk Grove

The Sacramento Association of REALTORS® Members and staff are thinking about, and concerned for, the victim who was attacked while showing property in Elk Grove. We are unaware as to whether or not she was an SAR member. None the less, no one ever deserves to be threatened or harmed. The Association is happy the perpetrator was apprehended by law enforcement.

The real estate industry has always been concerned with the potential for harm to people showing homes. Most companies have extensive policies on open houses and safety. And, we encourage our members to have regular discussions about safety. The Sacramento Association of REALTORS® has always worked with its members and companies to develop policies and guidelines to promote safety for our Members. To assist in this, SAR frequently offers classes on safety issues specific to the real estate industry.

2014 SAR President Paula Swayne said “First and foremost I want the victim in this attack to know that my thoughts and prayers are with her. It is never ok to threaten or harm another human being, and I am so happy this criminal was apprehended. The Sacramento Association of REALTORS® encourages everyone to have a safety plan in place, and participate in the safety classes offered at the Association. Most companies have policies on open houses and safety, and it’s important to always remain vigilant and follow that plan when showing property.”

While all companies have different procedures a few safety tips include always meeting a prospective client at the real estate office and photocopying the client’s driver’s license before showing property. Make a note of the client’s vehicle make and license plate number as they arrive at the home or office. And, let a co-worker, spouse, or friend know when and what properties you plan to show. Then designate times to call and check in with that person while showing property. Lastly, walk behind the client as they view the home, rather than leading them through the home.

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