SAR Leaders Selected for National Committee Roles

A number of your fellow SAR Leaders have been appointed to serve on various Committees at a National Level for 2023. By serving on a committee of the National Association of REALTORS®, these exceptional leaders not only push SAR further into the national spotlight, but they also solidify SAR as powerful association with strong ties to REALTOR® Headquarters.

These committees help shape the direction of NAR and its policies, providing an excellent forum for debate and discussion as part of the Association’s decision-making process. In turn, these policies are adopted by state and local associations to strengthen the role of REALTORS® in the real estate industry everywhere.

Let’s congratulate these SAR Members on their 2023 NAR Committee appointments!

Jessica Coates, SAR CEO
NAR Board of Directors
Association Executives Committee Chair
AEC Recommendations and Recognition Advisory Board Chair

Judy Covington, 2020 SAR President
NAR Board of Directors
Federal Financing & Housing Policy Committee

Beth Flure, 2022 WCR President
Membership Policy & Board Jurisdiction Committee

Rosanna Garcia, SAR Board of Directors
Housing Opportunities Committee

Chris Little, 2013 SAR President
NAR Board of Directors
Land Use Property Rights & Environment Committee

Leigh Rutledge, 2006 SAR President
NAR Board of Directors
State & Local Issues Committee

Erin Stumpf, 2022 SAR President
NAR Board of Directors
Federal Taxation Committee Chair
Sustainability Advisory Group
Public Policy Coordinating Committee

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