SAR Gives $50,000 to Shelter Homeless Individuals

The Sacramento Association of REALTORS® are contributing $50,000 to a joint effort with Sacramento County and the City of Sacramento to shelter homeless individuals.

SAR President Franco Garcia said the following: “As the largest housing advocacy group in the region, the Sacramento Association of Realtors is proud to have been asked to partner with the City and County of Sacramento to provide a resource for the immediate need of shelter for the homeless in our region. We couldn’t just stand idly by and watch and we are excited to join forces with Mayor Steinberg and Supervisor Serna to collaborate on this initiative. At our Sacramento Association of Realtors Board of Directors meeting this morning we not only approved the amount of $25K but doubled that amount to pledge $50K to the immediate need of shelter for our homeless population. I encourage other business groups, employers, and other associations to get involved as well. I am especially overjoyed that Sister Jean was able to open her doors at Stanford Settlement, a place where my mother sat on their board for over 25 years. Thank you for all you do Sister Jean to help on this initiative.”

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