Professional Standards Resources

In an effort to save resources and the environment, below are the Appendices referenced in the 2020 Professional Standards Training class presented by Dave Tanner. Please contact Lyndsey Harank at should you have any questions regarding the materials.

Training & Resource Documents

2020 Class Outline

Appendix 1: NAR 2020 Change Summary

Appendix 1A: CAR 2020 Change Summary

Appendix 2: Antitrust and the Real Estate Brokerage Firm

Appendix 3: Citation Policy

Appendix 4: Grievance

Appendix 5: Hearing Panel Preparation and Etiquette List

Appendix 6: Due Process

Appendix 7: Ethics Hearing

Appendix 8: Arbitration of Disputes

Appendix 9: Summary of General Principles

Appendix 10: Executive Session
Guidelines for Ethics Hearings

Appendix 11: Procuring Cause Guidelines

Appendix 12: Drafting Finding of Fact

Appendix 12A: Finding of Fact Outline

Appendix 13: Sanctioning Guidelines

Appendix 14: Summary of Directors Review

Appendix 14A: Overview of the Review Hearing Process

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