Apply to be a NAR Director

Requirements for SAR appointment to Large Board Representative NAR Director:

  1. Completed application submitted by the deadline.
  2. REALTOR® member of NAR in good standing for a minimum of 5 years.
  3. REALTOR® member of SAR in good standing for a minimum of 4 years.
  4. Minimum service of 1 year out of the last 5 years in a qualified SAR leadership position as:
    a. Chair of a SAR standing committee, or,
    b. Elected or Appointed Officer or member of the SAR Board of Directors, or,
    c. Elected or Appointed Officer or member of the SAR Charitable Foundation Board, or,
    d. A Past President of SAR, regardless of the year in which service was completed.
  5. Minimum service of 3 years of service as a C.A.R. Director
  6. Minimum service of 1 year in a qualified C.A.R. leadership position during the member’s
    membership tenure as:
    a. Vice Chair, or Chair of a C.A.R. standing committee, Forum, or PAC, or,
    b. Member of the C.A.R. Executive Committee or Strategic Planning & Finance
  7. Minimum service of 1 year on the C.A.R. Federal Committee.
  8. Contribute a minimum of the NAR (Chartered) Sterling R RPAC contribution for the last 3

    Not required, but extra consideration is given to applicants who are:
  9. RPAC Major Investors at the (Chartered) Crystal R, Golden R, and Platinum R.
  10. RPAC President’s Circle Members.
  11. Currently serving as a Federal Political Coordinator to a member of Congress or US Senate.
  12. Currently serving as a NAR Director in a leadership role as a Standing Committee or Forum
    Vice Chair, Chair, Liaison, or Regional Vice President, or Vice President.
  13. Currently serving as a member of the NAR Executive Committee, or NAR Finance
  14. Currently serving on a NAR Presidential Advisory Committee (PAG).
  15. Appointed member of the SAR Local Candidate Recommendation Committee.
  16. Currently serving as National President of one of SAR’s sibling organizations.
  17. Served as NAR Director in last 10 years.
  18. Has served as a SAR Cap to Cap representative.

NAR Director Application

Fill out the application completely – even if you have served previously. The information provided will be used as the SAR Executive Leadership team makes its recommendations, and for publicity purposes with members.

Section A: Applicant's Identification Information

Office Address(Required)

Section B: Applicant's Education & Professional History

Office Title

Appraisal, Pest Inspection, Loans, etc. Separate with comma or new line.
Education, Non Real Estate Certifications

Section C: SAR and Real Estate Community Involvement

Attach additional files if needed.
Max. file size: 10 MB.
Non-Real Estate Related – Include position. Separate with comma or new line, include date(s) of service/membership.
RAF Donation Minimum
Have you contributed to the REALTOR® Action Fund a minimum of the “True Cost of Doing Business” for the last 3 consecutive years?

Section D: Local Community Involvement

Non-Real Estate Related – Include Position

Section E: NAR Director Interests

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