Masters Club Application

The 2024 qualifying amount is a minimum of 8 closed ends AND $4.5 million in production, OR 20 closed ends.

Application Deadline: FRIDAY JANUARY 26th, 2024 at 5:30pm

Applications submitted that are incomplete or inaccurate will be returned for correction and may incur a late charge if resubmitted after the deadline. Applications are only available online.

1. Applicant must submit documents showing the "closed escrows" in which they have been either the listing and/or selling agent/broker. The applicant will be given 100% credit for a transaction if they represented only a buyer or only a seller in a single transaction. The applicant will be given 200% credit for the sales price if they have represented both the buyer and seller of the closed escrow.

2. If the applicant shared in the listing end or the selling end of the transaction with another agent, they can only take credit for the portion that the applicant actually completed. (Example: Applicant (Agent A) shared listing end with Agent B, and Agent C sold the property. Applicant (Agent A) can only take credit for the portion for which they are due, which may not be less than 50%).

3. The Masters Club Steering Committee may request additional supporting documents for verification purposes. Failure to furnish records for verification will cause the applicant to be disqualified. Falsification of records of sales credit will result in the individual's disqualification from further participation in the Masters Club.

4. Both MetroList® and non-MetroList® California sales may be counted. A closed escrow must be recorded during the 2019 calendar year to be counted. The applicant may only submit transactions where they were the agent of record and an agency relationship has been confirmed.

5. Transactions not on the MetroList® Masters Club Report shall be considered a non-MetroList® transaction. To receive credit for a non-MetroList® transaction, a Masters Club New Home & Non-MetroList® Sales Verification form, with the required documentation, must be submitted with the application for each non-MetroList® transaction.

Team Transactions
"Teams" are sets of individual agents or brokers who work together on transactions. Each team member must qualify individually and be approved for Masters Club in order for that team to market themselves as Members of Masters Club for that qualifying year.

Application Process:

  1. SAR the qualifying year must be paid. Login/Pay Dues
  2. Read and understand the Masters Club Standing Rules before getting started
  3. MetroList® Masters Club Report must be uploaded below. Instructions on how to generate the MetroList® Masters Club Report here.
  4. Any non-Metrolist® or New Home Sale verifications must be uploaded below. You will also need to complete this for any MetroList® listing with the wrong data. Every sale must include this verification form.
  5. Payment for Masters Club must be received with the application.

Masters Club Application

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    By checking below, you certify that all figures submitted and all supporting documentation are true and correct and you authorize SAR to contact the title company if necessary. You also understand that although payment will be processed, your application will not be considered submitted until your 2024 SAR Dues have been paid and your supporting documents have been verified. If it is determined that you do not qualify, your payment may be refunded.
    I acknowledge that my name, office name, office address and email address will be posted on the Sacramento Association of REALTORS® website as a Masters Club Roster
    Included Charges:
    MC Dues & late fee +$185.00
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