Building Bridges in Real Estate with Preferred Partner Membership

Navigating real estate transactions demands the seamless collaboration of various professionals. While REALTORS® stand as the bridge between buyers and sellers, Preferred Partners streamline the transaction journey. Successful partnerships in this realm hinge on mutual respect, open dialogue, and a clear grasp of each party’s role. Opting for Preferred Partner membership is your ticket to forging rewarding alliances in the real estate world. Whether you’re an individual or a business linked to real estate or catering to its professionals, the Preferred Partner membership is your gateway.

A Member Exclusive Forum

Monthly on the first Thursday. No meetings in January or July.
Welcoming all SAR Members, this specialized forum delves deep into the world of real estate finance and Preferred Partner concerns. Engage in monthly dialogues, understand evolving industry trends, address market apprehensions, and foster connections with peers. Relish the wisdom of diverse guest speakers each month, accompanied by a wholesome continental breakfast. Mark the first Thursday of every month to cultivate growth in the dynamic realm of real estate.

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