Episode 9: Using the Athletic Mindset

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For the first episode of 2022 we welcome two new guests, Cam Villa and Rene Jacques. Cam is the SAR Affiliate Chair and sole Affiliate Member serving on the Board of Directors. He is also Chair of the monthly Real Estate Finance & Affiliate Forum (meets the 1st Thursday of every month at 9am).

Rene is President and CEO of Golden Bay Mortgage Group and author of his new book “The Athlete’s Advantage In Business.” We learn a little about Rene’s history and discus lessons taught through sports and applying them to your business.

Rene will also be the featured speaker at the SAR Real Estate Finance & Affiliate Forum on 2/3 at 9am. His presentation “Using Your Athletic Mindset to Help Get Ahead” will surely supercharge your drive to help crush your 2022 goals!
This meeting will be held via Zoom, join us here: https://carorg.zoom.us/j/92564790980

Check out Rene’s book here.


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