Celebrating 56 Years of Fair Housing: A Milestone in Sacramento’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are delighted to share with you a momentous occasion that underscores Sacramento’s unwavering dedication to housing equality. During our recent Board of Directors meeting, held on April 25, 2024, we had the distinct pleasure of hosting esteemed guests: Sacramento City Council members Eric Guerra, representing District 6, and Lisa Kaplan, representing District 1.

At this gathering, Council members Guerra and Kaplan presented a resolution commemorating an incredible 56 years of Fair Housing. Their presence not only added to the significance of the event but also served as a testament to the collaborative efforts between our association and local government in fostering fair housing practices.

As the countries worst state for fair housing complaints, per the NFHA(National Fair Housing Alliance) we are proud that Sacramento can fill in the spaces and bridge the gaps for every American to obtain generational wealth.

Resource: https://nationalfairhousing.org/resource/2023-fair-housing-trends-report/

This milestone celebration goes beyond mere acknowledgment; it reaffirms our steadfast commitment to ensuring that every individual and family in our community has access to safe and equitable housing opportunities. The principles of Fair Housing are not just ideals but essential pillars upon which our society thrives, promoting inclusivity, diversity, and social justice.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Council members Guerra and Kaplan for their dedication to this cause and for choosing our association as the platform to share this momentous occasion. Their presence underscores the importance of partnership between the public and private sectors in advancing the goals of fair housing and social equity.

As members of the Sacramento Association of REALTORS®, let us continue to uphold the principles of Fair Housing in our everyday practices. Together, we can ensure that Sacramento remains a beacon of equality and opportunity for all its residents.

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