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Episode 58: Dana Fleischman

In this episode, Cam Villa sits down with Dana Fleischman, a REALTOR®, investor, and entrepreneur. Dana shares his journey from being a young investor buying rental properties to becoming a successful REALTOR®. He discusses the challenges and rewards of being a REALTOR® and provides valuable insights for anyone considering a career in real estate. Dana […]

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Episode 57: Katie Kreps

Cam Villa sits down with Katie Kreps, a Sacramento-based real REALTOR® and former nonprofit professional. Katie’s passion for helping others and her commitment to making a positive impact in her community shine through as she shares her insights on the Sacramento real estate market and the value of building lasting relationships in the industry. Tune in to learn

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Episode 56: Evangelia Pantis

Join Cam Villa as he sits down with special guest Evangelia Pantis. Evangelia shares her journey into the real estate industry, inspired by her mother’s success, and reflects on her diverse roles in real estate technology and lending. Evangelia sheds light on the title and escrow industry, offering insights and dispelling misconceptions.  Don’t miss her

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Episode 55: Matt Keister

Cam Villa interviews Matt Keister, a mortgage broker, about his journey in the real estate industry and his perspectives on various aspects of the business. Matt shares that he transitioned from the technology industry to real estate and emphasizes the importance of problem-solving and tailoring solutions to clients’ needs in the real estate sector.

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Episode 54: First-Time Homebuyer Expo with Jenean Watson and Malyna Phan

In this episode of the House Keys podcast, Cam Villa talks to Jenean Watson and Malyna Phan from the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Fair Housing Committee. They discuss the committee’s focus on underserved communities, promoting inclusivity and diversity in homeownership. The conversation highlights the upcoming second annual First-Time Home Buyers Expo on April 27th, emphasizing

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Episode 53: Jennifer Robinson

Cam Villa welcomes Jennifer Robinson on the show. Jennifer shares her real estate journey, emphasizing the need for agents to prove their value to clients. They discuss industry trends and staying motivated despite setbacks, highlighting the importance of continuous learning and dedication.

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Episode 52: Jake DeRosa

Join Cam Villa and his guest Jake DaRosa on the HouseKeys Podcast as they explore Jake’s journey in real estate. From starting in the mortgage industry to weathering market crashes, Jake shares insights on adaptability and continuous learning. Discover the importance of genuine client relationships, the impact of personal challenges on professional growth, and Jake’s

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Episode 51: Natalie Dudding

Join Cam as he sits down with Natalie Dudding, a seasoned professional from Chicago Title. Natalie shares her journey into the world of real estate, starting from her humble beginnings as a bank teller to becoming an integral part of the title and escrow process. From insightful anecdotes to valuable industry insights, Natalie’s story highlights

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Episode 50: Peter Kirchgessner

Join host Cam Villa as he sits down with guest Peter Kirchgessner from Good Dog Inspection. In this episode, Peter shares his fascinating journey from the travel industry to becoming a valued partner in real estate inspections. Reflecting on his transition, Peter highlights the importance of service and communication in his work, emphasizing the pivotal

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Episode 49: Erin Stumpf, Kellie Swayne, & Cherie Hunt

Join host Cam Villa and a panel of esteemed guests—Erin Stumpf, Kellie Swayne, & Cherie Hunt—for an electrifying episode of the House Keys Podcast. From discussing the transformative power of community engagement to strategies for driving meaningful change, this episode is a must-listen for anyone passionate about SAR’s future. With upcoming opportunities to join the

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