2022 Scholarship Awards

On June 7, SAR awarded over $46,000 in Scholarship to Local Students.

For those of you familiar with the SAR Main Meeting schedule – you know that June means something special: the SAR Scholarship Awards Presentation. Every year, the SAR Scholarship Trust is proud to present these awards to so many local students. Competition is fierce, the average GPA among applicants is over 4.0 and many are enrolled in extracurricular activities. This year marked the first in-person awards presentation since 2019. It was truly exciting to see so many students, their families, and SAR Members in attendance to help celebrate these young adults’ accomplishments. If you were in attendance, you will know all these students have a bright future ahead of them.

This year alone, the SAR Scholarship Trustees presented $46,500 in scholarships to 43 students. Since 2001, the SAR Scholarship Trust has awarded over $782,000 to nearly 680 students. That is certainly something to be proud of as an SAR Member.

A full write up of all the scholarship recipients is featured in the SAR July e-magazine.



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