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Thank you for your interest in being a mentor. You will represent the Sacramento Association of REALTORS® as you expose your intern to the real world of real estate and what it takes to be a professional, ethical agent. After 15 weeks in this program, your intern will know whether or not they wish to pursue a career in real estate or go in a different direction. Regardless of the outcome, you play a critical role in assisting interns in making important life decisions.

As mentor you will;

  • cultivate communication and leadership skills
  • expand your knowledge base
  • enhance your resume and gain recognition of your skills
  • become more confident as you guide your intern through the semester
  • experience the reward that comes from selflessly giving of your time to affect change in the life of another person.

Key Aspects of the Internship Program

  • The Internship Program is a collaborative effort between the Los Rios Community College District and the Sacramento Association of REALTORS®.
  • Los Rios students who apply for the program must have successfully passed a class in Real Estate Principles or be attending the class concurrently, and have not associated themselves with a broker.
  • The Intern class satisfies the DRE educational requirements for Real Estate Practice or an elective.

Minimum Requirements for being a Mentor

  • You must have been worked full-time as a REALTOR or Broker for at least two years.
  • You must have closed a minimum of five (5) real estate transactions per year.
  • You must be in good standing with the Association and no disciplinary actions against you.
  • You need to have a passion for teaching/sharing your knowledge.

Mentors work with interns for approximately 7.5 hours each week for 15 weeks (officially a total of 108 hours) and submit paperwork certifying these hours are completed.


  • SAR will provide you with a list of topics to cover with your interns. These include the MLS, financing programs, appraisals, contracts, inspections and more.
  • Interns will also be attending two-hour classes held every other week at SAR and taught by Professor Pat Butler from Cosumnes River College.
  • If the internship is satisfactorily completed, the intern will receive three units of college credit.
  • You shall not pressure the intern into joining your firm during the internship period. We ask that you encourage your intern to interview a variety of brokers before deciding on which one to work for.
  • Each Intern will be required to keep a log of his/her internship activities (including time worked) on a daily basis.


  • You must follow laws against discrimination and you must comply with all applicable federal and state laws regarding discrimination in employment and ADA.
  • As a participating Sponsoring Broker, you and each mentor must be in good standing with SAR.
  • Carefully review the US Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division Internship Program under the Fair Labor Standards Act. (This document will be shared with you.)

Mentor Application

Mentor Applicant

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