REALTOR® Action Fund

Thirty-five percent of all legislation introduced in the State Capitol impacts real estate, this equals approximately 2,000 bills every year. To defeat these onerous proposals, the Sacramento Association of REALTOR®, California Association of REALTOR®, and National Association of REALTOR® have professional staff working on the behalf of more than one million REALTOR® nationwide. Your local, state, and national REALTOR® Associations are the only entities that represent that interests of REALTOR®, homeowners, and private property rights.

Political representation is essential for REALTOR® ability to conduct your business as you want to without further government intervention. One of the important avenues to facilitate this representation is to invest in the REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF). This money supports candidates and issues that share our value of private property rights, and oppose things like point-of-sale.

These investments directly help your ability to do business, and protect your pocketbook. Three examples of RAF investments working for you:

  • Locally, SAR defeated a proposal that would have required all homes in the City of Sacramento to receive an energy audit at point-of-sale.
  • Statewide, C.A.R. defeated a budget item that would have required all independent contractors (that’s you!) to pay an additional 3% on top of normal quarterly withholdings.
  • Nationally, NAR has been active in protecting the National Flood Insurance Program, which is so vial in areas like Sacramento. They also work to preserve the mortgage interest deduction.

An investment in the REALTOR® Action Fund helps keep proposals like this from impacting your business. The recommended investment is $148, but investments of any amount are gratefully accepted.